Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical in arrivo su switch!

Lo scorso anno, Dark Witch Music Rudymical è uscito sui dispositivi mobili, si tratta di un minigame musicale tratto da The Legend of Dark Witch 2 già disponibile su 3DS.

Lo stesso titolo arriverà la prossima settimana su Switch con il titolo di “Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical”.


Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale nintendo:

“The popular spin-off from Dark Witch Story is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Play the single-player STORY MODE and defeat all the bosses! Play the VS MODE to battle against your friends, and the CO-OP MODE to co-operate!

Press the buttons rhythmically in time to cut down Boing boings (bullets). Jump to avoid fire beams!

Get your groove on, Dark Witch style!

High quality graphics true to the original Dark Witch Story
Original music composed by Raito
Beautiful illustrations”

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